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Message from the Pastor

Friends and family,

   i want to let each of you know that we, HRBC staff, are in prayer for each of you during this unparalleled time. We are confident that God is up to something good for His promises are true. He takes what the enemy means for evil and He turns it for good (Gen 50:20). When we do not understand, we must keep our eyes on Him. 
   In light of our current situation, avoiding large gatherings for the benefit of the whole, we acknowledge that the church can never be “shut down!” We are so thankful for the technology to stay together during this season and our media team. They have worked diligently and with gladness. I must pause to thank God for our praise team, staff, and each of you for being so supportive. Seeing each of you posting pictures of worshipping in your homes with your families was such a testimony to so many on social media. We hope you will continue until it is good for all of us to be together again at one location. We are closely monitoring the situation and want to honor God and all of the flock He has so graciously given us as we move forward. 
   In our efforts to have a central place for communication, we are providing this website. There is contact information for the church office, the Storehouse Food Pantry, links to livestream, ways to give, our live FB page link, along with our FB group pages. We will be launching a fully functional website in the near future. May the Lord bless you and bring sweeping revival through these unprecedented times. 

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